Modern IT solutions for forward-thinking businesses

We are nationally recognised IT experts that provide New Zealand businesses with IT services that make their operations amazingly seamless

Do you need a choice IT team to proactively keep you productive and secure?

Are you stuck in an IT environment where there's always one IT problem or the other?

In an environment like that, managing IT takes all the attention, rather than growing your business

Are you confident about your cybersecurity? Or is your business a sitting duck for hackers?

Your business deserves all the expert IT solutions it requires to stay secure, no matter what

Would you like modern IT services enabling you to outperform the competition?

With the right solutions, you can save time and get work done much more efficiently

We keep Wellington businesses 100% satisfied with their IT, consistently

Your Wellington business deserves world-class IT support, that is on time every time, with innovative solutions that would put you on the map! That's what we believe, and that's the quality of support we provide.

No matter the size of your business, and whether or not you have an in-house IT department, we have the capacity and expertise to make IT your competitive advantage.

We provided technical and security leadership for one of the most significant events in New Zealand; the 2020 General Election. We are doing it again for the 2023 General Election. With our 40+ years of combined experience in offering modern IT solutions to forward-thinking businesses in Wellington and across NZ, your IT is in safe hands...

When we manage your IT, we go all out. And the best part? In as few as 14 days of onboarding, you can start enjoying the benefits of our vast IT expertise. We don't need babysitting, because we know what you need and how to keep you 100% satisfied with your IT environment.

of our clients stay with us.
years of combined experience!

How our managed IT services help businesses like yours

Up to 30% cost-savings

Our state-of-the-art IT solutions and strategies help you reduce IT costs. Eg: Let go of your money-draining legacy servers by transitioning to the cloud, and more!

Stable systems

We make your IT environment work so seamlessly that sometimes, it takes some getting used to. This is because we're experts at optimising systems and processes.


We proactively monitor your entire network, ensuring that intruders stay out. With our multi-layered cybersecurity stack, we successfully mitigate threats early on.

Work effectively

You achieve more with the same team by automating your software and processes. We put Artificial Intelligence to work for your Kiwi business, helping you achieve more.

Leverage the Cloud

We have cloud computing prowess to keep you productive and safe on the cloud. Work efficiently with your onsite work apps, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Stay focused

We care for your IT, so you can focus on making big things happen for your business. Growth is faster when things work and we make it happen.


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